God Save the Queen

About that time a certain President came to visit.

Her Majesty the Queen
Of all the things Ma’am’s seen
Nothing so obscene

From the Mall
To Admiralty Arch
Even sticking One to Blitz

Years of pomp
Circumstance and compromise

A Sovereign Monarch
Constitutionally speaking
Is given what they take

If only George III
Had not been so

A right to ballot
Would’ve been better
Than current incumbents

Obtuse, insensitive, rude
King in every worst way
Cliché Emperor threadbare

God save the Queen
From further

As for the rest of us
No repeat term
Muchas Gracias


A picture to make even the staunchest anti-Royalist angry on behalf of Her Majesty. Being anti-Royal is a perfectly reasonable democratic opinion; but when those with it slate Our Liz for sitting around doing nothing all day, what they really reveal is a reality existing entirely in their head.

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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