No Thanks

This poem is inspired by one written a few weeks ago: Hollywood

Hollywood relied on a play of words to say something concise about a serious subject.

It also used a ‘playground metre’ to give it a ring-of-roses feel; the hope being to replicate the flippancy frequently shown dark matters.

Especially when they don’t or haven’t impacted directly/personally.

Considering there are two ‘light’ aspects in such a short space of words, I wondered post posting if perhaps it might seem intended that way and no other . . .

Then anxiety got involved, started shouting. Said:

‘You can’t expect to sum up the entire human condition like that. Hollywood implies Holly didn’t. That unlike all the other women, Holly chose to walk away. Like it was a choice to be had; like somehow blame belongs with the woman. For somehow being impious or bad. When the intent was to say: so long as people are forced; made to, coerced; given no choice or route to just recourse. They’re never free to give one-hundred-percent of themselves.’

So, if any confirmation is needed, I offer:

Things haven’t worked out
He’s got to go

No one knows

Freebird couch-surf
Maybe even a whole Hell-yeah bed-hop better

If still having a bit of the old oh Romeo
Romeo knocking about

Whale of a time just waiting
For an absent father, long lost dad

But she
She has to stay

Pay all the bills
Keep the kids fed

There’s no instead
Just knuckle down whatever it takes

To get them up from out of a bed
Ready for school in the right uniform

Safely collected at gates
For dinners on plates then tucked up again

Never mind how big the wage gap
Or degrading when the bottom of the barrel’s slapped

The phone taking up-skirts on the train home
Threats of rape online when finally there

Lingering with potential
Or why don’t they stop?

Told how to look, what inch heel to wear
Even whether she’s the right to abort

By strangers
Who on any given day

Make the comments and remarks
Give the put-downs and looks

Thanks in the form of incels
Hitting with trucks for lack of fucks F.F.S.

Entitled, expecting sleazy payback
For all the sacrifice made, care a mum took

Thanks for reading.

N. P. Ryan.


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