Candy Nose Nothing

glen-carrie-xBTnaTgleQE-unsplashSuffice to say I bought some sweets the other day. However, while the below might indeed be relatable, the truth is I currently do have a cold; something I’ve been bestowed with since about two weeks before Christmas.

This isn’t the same one; for a couple of days just after New Year I was cold free during which I made the mistake of mingling with others, and here I am now feeling like I’ve had a cold for six-weeks when they’re only meant to be a seven day thing.

The below is based on true events, while given the circumstances under which it occurred, is equally a statement of my desire to no longer be bunged-up or lost on the moor of mind fog that viruses give me; indeed, it’s highly likely I only think this poem is a good idea because of the cold. As ever, you the reader are judge, jury and executioner.   

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Dear Ulf Dloc

ulf dlocAn old acquaintance turned up unannounced. Despite being uninvited, and more so not welcome, they decided to stay. They’ve even gone so far as to continue hanging around regardless of numerous hints and even blunt and to the point statements asking them to go. I can’t wait to see the back of them, so hope this address in a public forum will finally drive the message home!

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