All About Medusa


A series of posts about the four books forming The Medusa Protocol.

From influences to why certain locations were chosen, it starts with All Along the Watchtowers; a brief introduction to what lies at the core of Medusa’s heart.

N. P. Ryan vs. Poetry


On various subjects; sometimes self-reflecting, frequently sarcastic and occasionally heartfelt, starting with: N. P. Ryan vs. Youth.

The most recent verse to find its way into my head only to then escape again is: Catastrophe

They are listed in order of most recent here.

A Life of Crime vs. The Free Market


A series about when I worked markets in London, starting with A Tale of Gratis Woe. It was inspired when creating a book giveaway and remembering how badly things had gone last time I tried to give something away for free.

N. P. Ryan vs. Social Media


A sequence of posts inspired by what I found when using social media for self-promotion. Unless an already known celebrity, the only evident way of getting attention is to behave negatively.

Even institutions such as the BBC are found making underhanded posts. But don’t take my word for it: judge from the evidence in the series starting with N. P. Ryan vs. Social Media.

(There’s also a few subject-related stand alone posts too.)

Diary of a Mad Pest Controller


I once worked in pest control; a job that really opened my eyes to so many aspects of humanity.

N. P. Ryan vs. The Spiders from Mars.



It seems the done thing for self-publishing writers is to write about the self-publishing  process. Unfortunately, much of what is said is, well, quite frankly bullshit; there to ultimately part the reader with some cash for a service likely to have no actual value.

In this section I hope to prove the above assertion correct by showing what to be wary of and why, while also relaying my own experiences using the likes of Amazon, Draft2Digital and Goodreads.

The category  starts with N. P. Ryan vs. Self-publishing and occasionally crosses over with vs. Poetry.

Images are excerpts from:

  • All About Medusa: Perseus, under the protection of Minerva, turns Phineus to stone by brandishing the head of Medusa, Jean-Marc Nattier, 18th century, year unknown.
  • N. P. Ryan vs. Poetry: I and the Village, Marc Chagall, 1911.
  • A Life of Crime vs. The Free Market:  A postcard of unknown origin dated 1910 showing London Bridge from the south bank.
  • N. P. Ryan vs. Social Media: Before Waterloo, Henry O’Neil, 1868.
  • Dairy of a Mad Pest Controller: The Nightmare, Henry Fuseli, 1781.
  • Writing/Self-publishing: The Elephant Celebes, Max Ernst, 1921.