The Great Formatting Swindle

One burning question for anyone coming to self-publishing for the first time: how to format.

There is plenty of advice out there.

But which is the right way?

Since publishing The Bath Party Amazon has emailed twice to say the formatting method has changed (read as, been made easier).

It’s therefore important to check the date on which any advice is published; given that, it might come as a surprise to see how often one is lacking.

What the first time self-publisher looks for is a one-size-fits-all simple solution to the formatting question.

When publishing The Medusa Protocol I&II  Amazon’s own formatting guide was twenty pages long, while the Smashwords version ran at one-hundred-and-seventeen.

Despite numerous claims by articles to know the method, the above ‘suggests‘ it depends on where you’re uploading them to.

So why so many sites/articles claiming to know?

To answer that question in a couple of sentences would only work if the reader took what is written as gospel, while doing nothing to explain what to look out for across the self-publishing board.

A series of upcoming posts in the vs. Writing/Self-Publishing category hope to demonstrate.



Header image courtesy of Burst

Poetry relating to writing/self-publishing:

Thanks for reading 🙂

N. P. Ryan.


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